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  • "I like the simplicity of this app for testing with my students!"

    ASuperheroNamedMom - iTunes Review

  • "Without a mastery of basic arithmetic facts, I have found in my experience that students have a much more difficult time in grasping the concepts in Algebra when they get to High School."

    9th Grade Math Teacher

  • "Standards dictate us to apply the basic foundation of math without providing adequate time to develop it. Kids cannot apply what they don't fully understand."

    Jeff Salyer, Math Teacher, Weaver Middle School

  • "When kids know their math facts I can spend more of my class time engaging them with more challenging problems that make them think."

    7th Grade Math Teacher

Our Team

Dylan Leifer-Ives

Co-creator - Dylan is 14, a shy Gen Z self-proclaimed maker, D&D enthusiast, and fantasy reader, who spends his after-school hours tutoring kids and teens in math.

Michael Leifer

Co-Creator - Michael is a Cultural Anthropologist (graduate of UCLA), the Founder & Chief Communication Strategist of Guerilla PR, Inc. and the Co-Founder of

Anthony Bear

Math Advisor - Anthony has a MS in Applied Mathematics from Ohio University and has spent 5 years as a Math Educator. He is the Executive Director of Humanity Media.

Steve Lewis

Math Advisor - Steve, aka Mathomaticus, has taught 5-12th grade Math and, is acquiring his Ph.D. In Mathematics Education from the Ohio State University.

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The Story

MyMathCards puts 400 flashcards in the palm of your hand.

This game and "education utility" was co-designed with 5th grade Math teacher and PAST Foundation Fellow, Steve Lewis (aka Mathomaticus). The purpose: to help students across the country improve their basic and advanced addition, subtraction, multiplication and division skills.

Experts agree that students need to have mastered their basic math skills by 7th grade or their future success in math becomes highly problematic.

This app can help students to return to math and science classes prepared for higher order problem-solving rather than being bogged down with basic practicing and drilling.

This app can also help teachers to engage, unify and guide their classrooms in stimulating and participatory project-based play, which will serve to develop their students' application of math in everyday, practical life skills.

This app is aligned with the Common Core Mathematics Standards to help each student obtain mastery in the four basic arithmetic operations. These skills can lead to an easier road to enhance and develop their mathematical language.

As parents and teachers, our job is to properly share how the world works. To do this, as a culture and community, we need to provide every child with the right digital tools to excel and create a foundation for success.

Math App Rationale White Paper: Rationale_For_MyMathCards.pdf

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